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If you begin your journey in the road of programming, it is vital that you devote time in deciding which one will benefit you most in the future, you have to know the advantages and disadvantages of the languages that you want to use to make sure you end up with the result that you desire. The benefits and drawback will let you know if you are ready for this language and if this will give you a bigger chance to earn for a living. If too much programming work in front of your computer causes back pain then read more to know the ways to prevent back pains and its medications.

Java: It functions at its fullest with Enterprise Web applications.
Advantages: This is tough, big, higher level compared to other languages, knowing this skill is truly marketable. Most codes that you need are free in the internet.
Disadvantage: This may not function for all types of computer especially the old ones. It is also not suitable for low level kind of programming and this becomes very complicated for small programs.

C++: This is best for low level and general use programming.
Advantages: This is the best language to create operating systems and it is best used by engineers. This is also the best program that you should learn. Very fast and functions properly for GUI programming.
Disadvantages: this is complex programming for high level and large programs.

There are many program languages that you can choose from, but you can start with these two common languages.


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