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In this modern world, computers and laptops have been the most popular gadgets we use every day. We live in a digital world where humans cannot possibly live without utilizing these complicated devices. Thus, it is true that technology is the key to a brighter life.

In order for these computers to function properly, operating systems must be installed inside these devices. These are specialized kind of schemes that allow computers to have a consistent form of steadiness and security.

One of the examples of operating systems is the Linux. It is a Unix-like structure that is under the complimentary and open source of operating method. It was first made public on October 5, 1991 through Linus Torvalds.

For the Linux to start its operation, certain commands must be implemented. Examples of the commands are “mv” to modify a specific name of a directory and “cp” which is used to copy and duplicate a certain file. By typing a specific command language, one can proceed to many programs. You can perform various tasks which may include opening the internet bar and surfing the internet. By following certain steps, you can purchase items and services such as the windshield replacement Spring.

Other important Linux commands include “ispell files” to verify the correct spelling of contents, “split files” to separate the various items into minor divisions, “cat files” to print and publish the specific data and “locate” to situate the appropriate location of a certain file.

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