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Every developer has been developing their product as fast as they can. No one wants to be left behind. The same is true with operating system platforms. Microsoft’s Windows have been the leader for quite some time. Being the sole player in the market, the company has enjoyed the benefits of being the leader. There are competitors out there but their market shares are not as big as to this IT giant. It used to be like that for Microsoft until it has been challenged by another IT company, Linux. Now, Linux has already gotten a significant share that Microsoft used to own. Linux’s success could be traced to the Linux Distribution.

Linux Distribution, also known as distro, is a member of the Unix-like family operating systems that are built on top of the Linux kernel. Such distributions are operating systems which includes a large collection of software applications such as media players, spreadsheets, database applications and word processors. Word processor is the primary tool used in writing, and if you want to have quality writings, essay writing UK is the best for you. Some of the famous Linux Distributions include:

  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Fedora Core
  • Red Hat Linux
  • Xandros Linux
  • Linspire’s
  • Mandriva Linux

These are just few of the Linux Distributions that are being enjoyed by people in the IT industry today.


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