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Cloud storage has been on the hype as it practically makes everything available online. If you have not heard of Dropbox, SkyDrive and Bitcasa to name some, then you are probably behind in your business or even in your personal file management. Hence, it is important to have your own personal linux cloud for saving your PPI information and other personal files.

Linux Cloud Storage: Advantages

Linux Cloud Storage does not only make file storage easier and accessible online as it also sync different Linux distros to make it compatible for whatever cloud storage you need. Compared to using inflexible proprietary software, this cloud storage does the job of unifying your files.

Linux Cloud Tool: Aggregating your Cloud Storage

If you want to unify all your cloud storage through a virtual cloud file system straight from your Linux OS, then Linux Cloud Tool is perfect for you. This makes swapping clouds easier and more convenient. This tool is composed of a Cloud Drive and graphical Cloud Explorer. Consequently, it also encompasses sync tools to unify cloud files from your choice provider to and from your Linux Desktop. This tool supports more than 30 cloud storage files such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Docs, Basecamp among others.

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